Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.11-RC1 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-4169] - Dispatcher does not leverage ServiceStrategy abort method
  • [GEOS-4616] - Downloading zip file using /rest/workspaces/<ws>/datastores/<ds>/file.shp doesn't work after GeoServer reload
  • [GEOS-5190] - Cascaded WMS does not encrypt configuration password
  • [GEOS-7769] - ConcurrentModificationException in
  • [GEOS-7804] - GeoFence and Control-flow are incompatible
  • [GEOS-7861] - Error when trying parameterize svg with fill color referred by relative path
  • [GEOS-7883] - Empty WFS transaction touches every feature in the layer
  • [GEOS-7926] - Reloading GeoServer re-enables all disabled WMTS services
  • [GEOS-7950] - GeoFence: compatibility issue with controlflow
  • [GEOS-7999] - GWC throws exceptions while loading CITE data dirs if stores cannot be connected to
  • [GEOS-8001] - WMTS capabilities does not include a style for default style on vector layers
  • [GEOS-8003] - Control-flow access beans through GeoServerExtensions in BeanFactoryPostProcessor callbacks
  • [GEOS-8004] - Regression: Integrated GWC config files not overridable
  • [GEOS-8012] - Slow WFS GetFeature when using a 3D bbox POST request
  • [GEOS-8013] - GetFeature GET request with 3d bbox fails to parse
  • [GEOS-8014] - WFS GetFeature fails to parse a 3d BBOX with 6 coordinates and explicit SRS name
  • [GEOS-8018] - WMS cascading fails with NPE when advanced projection handling gets disabled
  • [GEOS-8019] - Advanced Reprojection Handling may generate huge width*heigh requests at native resolution


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