Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 18.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-5933] - RasterZonalStatistics will fail to count pixels if the raster contains values that are zero or negative
  • [GEOT-5935] - Unclosed ring exception while labeling highly zoomed out polygon borders
  • [GEOT-5936] - CRS.transform fails to transform world spanning envelopes from geographic up to polar
  • [GEOT-5938] - OSMTileFactory can throw an exception when looking for the TopLeft tile
  • [GEOT-5946] - RescaleStyleVisitor fails to rescale polygon symbolizer margin vendor option
  • [GEOT-5950] - RetypingFeatureCollection won't delegate down NearestVisitor
  • [GEOT-5953] - Placeholder
  • [GEOT-5960] - Allow setting number of decimals for encoding in GML 3.2 (fast path) and GML 3+ (complex features)
  • [GEOT-5970] - GeoTools wfs.xsd outdated, reports a LockFeature without AbstractQueryExpression as invalid
  • [GEOT-5974] - SVGFactory, multiple threads can end up loading the same SVG


  • [GEOT-5930] - ImageMosaic blank response should take care of BANDS parameter
  • [GEOT-5932] - GridCoverageRenderer: Return the parent GridCoverage as property of the RenderedImage
  • [GEOT-5973] - Update MySql jdbc driver to a newer version

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