Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 21-M0 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-3942] - transitive dependency version conflict on xerces
  • [GEOT-6009] - WMTS test cases require GeoSolutions-IT demo server to be working
  • [GEOT-6087] - Regression: ImageMosaic cannot read its old configuration files anymore due to references to JTS class names
  • [GEOT-6111] - Upgrade test dependencies
  • [GEOT-6121] - Pass visitor down in TransformFeatureCollection when possible
  • [GEOT-6122] - KML V2.2 Encoder is not able to output null values.
  • [GEOT-6127] - LabelSplitter start-index bug.
  • [GEOT-6133] - NetCDF units are lost unless the source file has a nodata or a valid range defined for the variables
  • [GEOT-6148] - Check if rules depend on env variables and simplify filter before rendering
  • [GEOT-6162] - DataUtilities.defaultValue can't handle array types
  • [GEOT-6175] - CSVDataStore doesn't clean up temp file when writing out
  • [GEOT-6201] - BBox function crashes when passed GML
  • [GEOT-6203] - Categorize/Recorde/Interpolate functions miss equals and hascode
  • [GEOT-6205] - Classification functions misbehave when working against attributes with constant values

New Feature

  • [GEOT-6177] - NEAREST spatial predicate for Postgis


  • [GEOT-6142] - Upgrade netcdf dependencies
  • [GEOT-6147] - Suppress false positive for CVE-2018-13661
  • [GEOT-6156] - Upgrade surefire plugin
  • [GEOT-6163] - Upgrade SnakeYAML to 1.23
  • [GEOT-6190] - Disable spatialite support pending migrating it to Java 11
  • [GEOT-6193] - Backport ClassBreaks op image to jai-ext
  • [GEOT-6195] - Speed up GeoPackage raster reader by mosaicking uniform images in a more efficient way


  • [GEOT-6130] - Extend parsing support for NetCDF units and make it configurable to support new units
  • [GEOT-6131] - gt-ogr - support gdalalljni JNI bindings (GDAL 2.3.0)
  • [GEOT-6145] - ImageWorker.forceComponentColorModel. allow omitting alpha band when going from IndexColorModel to CCM
  • [GEOT-6181] - Implement a Equal Area function for vector data classification
  • [GEOT-6186] - Lazily allocate the screenmap bitfield
  • [GEOT-6187] - Implement ClassBreakOp quantile/jenks variants based on histogram instead of single values
  • [GEOT-6188] - ImageWorker: allow specification of subsampling factors for statistical operations
  • [GEOT-6191] - Converter factory for converting SQL Large Objects
  • [GEOT-6197] - Improve CRS.decode scalability
  • [GEOT-6204] - CSS: make nested rules useful when working in Flat mode

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